“Making it possible for you to save at least 10,000 trees and a polar bear in your lifetime.”

– by Alps Group

Like many companies, Alps Group was formed when an idea sparked about a product that was missing from the South East Asia marketplace. They looked around, and noticed that every household stocks hygiene and bathroom tissues in a variety of brands but they have all one thing in common – every roll is made from trees. Our reliance on trees for our bathroom tissues and the never-ending demand we have for this daily necessity is a major environmental issue.

All the wipes in the markets are made from plastic which are also harmful to not just our skins but our environment.

So began their research to find a safe, more sustainable and eco-friendly source for bathroom tissues and it was found in a most unexpected resource – BAMBOO! After extensive study and time spent at the research, Alps was satisfied that bamboo is truly a more sustainable choice that has a smaller carbon footprint than the cutting down of trees or the extensive use of plastic. Many have acknowledged that bamboo is the resource of the future and Alps Group agrees.

Alps Group is committed to create and produce safe and eco-friendly daily consumables at affordable prices so that everyone can experience this change.